How do I respond to a 4CP dispatch in Foreman?

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In many scenarios, 4CP calls are automated. This depends on the services your Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) offers. If you wish to run 4CP calls manually, this guide is for you.

Opt-In to Automated Curtailment

To start, go to Foreman's 'My Company' page and navigate to the 'Curtailment' tab. Toggle the 'Curtailment Opt-In' slider to the right to indicate that you would like Foreman to manage your curtailment automatically.

Enter your QSE Information

If you use a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) for curtailment, you can add your credentials to the Curtailment tab to automate participation. Foreman integrates directly with Voltus, CPower, and Priority Power. Some integrations require an additional opt-in and a Key or Meter from your QSE.

Adding a Dispatch for a 4CP Call

When you receive a 4CP call from your QSE, head to the Power Controls tab to add a Dispatch for the event. Click 'Add New' to launch the Edit Dispatch window. Specify the Type and the time you would like to schedule the dispatch to start. Adding an End Time is optional and will result in your facility staying curtailed until you delete the dispatch. Once you hit 'Save,' you'll see your Dispatch appear on the table with an 'Actions' button for editing and deleting.

By entering a Dispatch this way, Foreman will curtail for both cost and 4CP without the commands competing.

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