Why are my miners not updating?

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This guide will address some of the more common reasons that your miner is showing a "not updating" status and how to resolve them.

Miner is Hashing, but Showing as not Updating in Foreman

If you can see that your miner is currently hashing but not updating on your Foreman dashboard, you should first check if the IP address assigned to your miner has changed. If the IP address has not changed, reboot the miner that is not updating by using the remote commands on your Miner page.

Remote Command Reboot

If you see that the IP address assigned to your miner has changed, your network automatically assigns IP addresses to your miners using DCHP. You can create a recurring re-sync to find miners and automatically assign their IP addresses.

You can find Detailed instructions on how to set up a re-sync in this article: 

How can I make Foreman update IPs automatically if they change (DHCP)?

Incorrect Miner Password

If you have a re-sync configured, but your miners are still not updating, it could be because your miners have an incorrect password setup in Foreman. While Foreman does not require miner credentials to be set to their factory default, typically admin/admin for Whatsminers and root/root for Antminers, the username and password you input must match how they are configured on your miners.

Miner Still Not Updating?

Please email us at support@obm.mn for assistance. We're always happy to help!

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