How can I receive alerts via Google Chat?

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By using Foreman Todd, our Google Chat bot, you'll get notified as soon as problems arise.

Getting Started

By default, all notifications are sent to your email address. To receive alerts via Google Chat, you'll need to re-configure your Foreman triggers.  In 'Alerts & Triggers,' click Add Trigger and configure it to send to Google Chat.

Additionally, notifications can be sent to any combination of the following:

  • Email
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Google Chat
Creating a trigger to send to Google Chat.

Receiving Alerts in a Space

Once your triggers are configured to send alerts to Google, install Todd, our bot, by first navigating to the Google Chat welcome screen. Once there, enter the space where you want Todd to notify, and at the top of the space page, click on the space name:

Click the area highlighted in red.

Next, click the Add people & apps option, and search Foreman Todd. You should see the following:

Todd appears after a search.

After selecting Todd, click Add. Todd will then send a hello message confirming his successful addition to your team's space!

Running the start command.

You're almost ready to start receiving notifications via Google Chat. All that's left is to begin the registration process. If you haven't already, you can decide which triggers to send and retrieve your client Id and API key by running the /start command.

Type /register and enter your client ID and API key, obtained here.  

Gathering API information.

As an example, assuming a client ID of 1024 and an API key of 39bffdea-2169-46eb-9407-adf8ba678c3f enter /register 1024 39bffdea-2169-46eb-9407-adf8ba678c3f. If your registration was successful, you should get the following response:

A successful registration.

Depending on the triggers created in Foreman, Todd will let you know when any of your assigned triggers are tripped.

Todd sends notifications based on triggers.

To get help or see a breakdown of any commands type /help. To stop alerts, type /forget.

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