How do I generate a Site Map using Static IP Addresses?

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This article will detail how to manage associations via Infrastructure to automatically fill your Site Map locations.

Associating miners by static IP address requires you first to have a completed Site Map layout in Foreman. Check out our instructional guide here for details on creating a Site Map layout.

Adding the IP Address Attribute to Infrastructure

Associating Static IP Addresses with Locations on Your Site Map

Now that you have an item added to Infrastructure for your static IP addresses, you're ready to start associating them with Site Map locations. Click 'Upload Associations' at the top of the Infrastructure screen. Select 'IP Address - IP Address' from the dropdown list, then download your CSV template file.

To ensure a successful upload of your CSV, some required headers must be included in your file. These include Name, Association Type, Association Name, Identifier, Location Row, and Location Index. The 'Name' column will be the name you entered when you created the item for IP Address on the Infrastructure tab. Since you want to associate IP addresses with individual locations on your Site Map, enter "Location" under the 'Association Type' column. Next, enter the Site Map group name you want to associate miners to under the 'Association Name' column. The 'Identifier' column is where you will enter your list of Static IP Addresses that you have assigned to your miners. Lastly, the 'Location Row' and 'Location Index' columns are where you will specify the position on the rack you'd like to associate the miner with that IP address to.

Once your CSV has been filled out with all information necessary for your associations, click 'Choose File,' select your CSV, and click 'Upload' to complete the process.

If everything in your CSV was entered correctly, you should see your miners populate your specified locations on your Site Map tab.

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