How do I add inventory?

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This guide details how to add assets to the Inventory tab in Foreman.

1. Uploading Assets

There are two ways to add assets to your inventory in Foreman: individually, by clicking the 'Add Asset' button, or by using the 'Upload Assets' button.

To 'Upload Assets,' you'll first need to download the template of your Current Assets. If this is the first time you add assets, this template will be blank. However, this file will be pre-populated with your current assets if you have an existing inventory uploaded.

Upload Assets


Fill out the spreadsheet with your assets, ensuring you have Asset ID and Type in the column headers. Remember that you must save your file as a CSV before uploading.

Once you've input all assets you wish to upload, click the 'Choose File' button and select your CSV file.

Your Inventory tab will now populate with the assets you uploaded via your CSV.

2. Inventory Configuration

Foreman allows you to fully customize your inventory configuration to suit your operation's needs. Under the Account icon in the top right, select 'My Company' from the dropdown menu. Navigate to the 'Inventory' tab on this page to add custom inventory types and fields and configure the criteria for linking miners to your inventory.

Contained in the 'Inventory Miner Link' section is the option to link miners based on a Miner Serial or a Miner Custom Field Name of your choosing. Adding a custom field will let you link miners to your inventory based on an identifier of your choosing, such as an internal asset tag ID. 

3. Syncing Assets

Now that you've added all your assets into Inventory, you can initiate a sync based on the 'Inventory Miner Link' settings you input on the 'Inventory Configuration' page earlier. On your Inventory page, click the 'Sync Assets' button and then click 'Sync' on the pop-up window that appears. You'll now see a linked chain icon next to the 'Asset ID' of all assets that have been successfully linked. If you have any assets that were not able to be linked according to your specified criteria, they will be noted in the 'Unlinked Assets' or 'Mismatched Linked Assets' boxes at the top of the dashboard.

 Inventory with Synced Assets


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