How do I install and run Foreman?

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This quick guides covers how to install and configure Pickaxe, our agent.

1. Sign Up

First, you’ll need to sign up here (enjoy a free, full-featured 30 day trial). Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to your private dashboard:

Your private, custom dashboard.

2. Install Our Agent

Pickaxe is our agent that feeds real-time metrics to your private dashboard. It needs to be installed, and how you do that depends on your mining setup. You can find detailed information for this here. If you’re a Linux user, it’s short, sweet, and looks something like this:

Linux installation.

3. Add a Miner

Once you have Pickaxe running, you can add your miners to Foreman. Once they’re added, the sync process can take ~2 minutes:

Pickaxe running.

Have an ASIC farm? Add them all in one swoop:

Finding miners.

4. Grab a 🍺!

After a few minutes, you should start seeing real-time data on your dashboard. Assuming your miners are healthy, things will go green:

An updating, populated dashboard.

Now you can play around and see what Foreman has to offer. Customize your dashboard, view your real-time earnings, configure alerting, and remotely change your ASIC pools.


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