How can I add HiveOS miners?

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If you have GPU rigs on HiveOS, they can be automatically imported and monitored directly in Foreman.

Foreman provides a single pane of glass where you can monitor and manage your entire cryptocurrency mining operation.  From ASICs to GPU rigs, users are able to centralize their devices down to a single platform.

The following tutorial provides Foreman users with the steps needed to easily monitor HiveOS rigs from their private, hosted dashboard. This is a fully off-rig integration and you don't need to run any software. We query the HiveOS API and feed your rig statistics real-time right into Foreman.

1. Create a HiveOS Authentication Token

First, you’ll need to create a HiveOS Authentication Token. That can be done here. We recommend that the token be named foreman so it's easy to track further down the road.

Beginning the creation of a new Personal access token.

Once it's created, click Show next to the new token. Copy what's revealed.

A newly created access token.

Next, you'll need to obtain the farm ID for each of the farms that you'd like to monitor. Select each farm here and once the farm is open, copy the ID in the URL.

The farm ID is visible in the URL.

In the example above, the farm ID would be 658442.

2. Import Farm IDs and Authentication Tokens

Head over to the My Company page in Foreman.  Towards the bottom, there's a section where you can provide HiveOS credentials.

Add a new entry for each farm you wish to monitor.  The farm IDs must be different per entry, but the authentication token can be reused as long as the token has access to each corresponding farm.

Entering farm IDs and Authentication Tokens into Foreman.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page and upon a refresh, the credentials should be hidden.

Hidden API credentials once the page is saved.

3. Grab a 🍺!

Within a few minutes (typically 2), a new managed Pickaxe should appear here.  You'll see 1 entry per farm.  Then, all of your miners will automatically get added.

Rigs are automatically added to each farm connector.

From here, everything is automated — as you make changes to your rigs in Hive (change rig name, miner software, overclock, pools, etc), they will automatically update in Foreman shortly after.


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