How do I use Power Controls?

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This article covers how to use Power Controls to power your miners up and down, as needed or on schedule.

If you're enrolled in a Demand Response program or have any other forms of mandatory curtailment that you must perform, please contact us for details on how we can get you fully automated so your site is curtailed and ramped back up with no manual intervention.

Single Run Power Controls

If you need to power down any or all of the miners in your facility, you can accomplish this by using a single-run power control job. Single-run power control jobs can be directed to start immediately or be scheduled for the future at a specified time. The 'Target Miners' field allows you to choose if the power control job will affect all of your miners or just a subset of miners that you specify. Lastly, the 'Target Time' field allows you to space out the powering up/down of your miners over the time you input. A target time of 20 minutes will power your miners up or down, spaced out evenly over a 20-minute period.

Scheduled Power Controls

If you'd like to power down consistently at certain times of the day, scheduling power control runs will allow you to power down consistently and back up according to your schedule.

If your operation is interested in automated Peak Avoidance with real-time and day-ahead market pricing feeds incorporated, contact us, and we'd be happy to provide details.

To set up a recurring power control run, click 'Add New' and add your specifications just as you would for a single run. Then, toggle the 'Make Recurring' slider to make the schedule appear. Here you can check which days of the week you want your power control job to run and when you'd like the job to start each day. Remember that the specified time will reference your configured time zone in Foreman. You can change your configured time zone from the 'My Account' page. The schedule will appear under your ' Power Controls ' section once you click 'Save' on your power control jobs. If you need to pause your power control schedule, this can be done via the "Actions' button attached to your schedule.

Power Controls History

After each power control job has been run to completion, it will appear in your Power Controls History. Clicking the 'Export' button will generate a CSV with historical details on the amount of entries you have in your view in this section. The Audit Log will contain this information under ' Event Details ' for details on individual miner performance during a power control job.Screenshot_20230215_105120


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