How Do I Get Pickaxe to Automatically Update Again?

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By default, Pickaxe is programmed to update to the latest version automatically. If your Pickaxe was upgraded manually in the past, it will need to be reconfigured to restore the auto-update functionality.

Download the latest version of the Foreman Windows Agent

To get started, download the latest release of the Foreman Windows Agent here.

Next, open and replace the contents of conf/foreman.txt with your apiKey and clientID. To prevent errors, copying and pasting the apiKey and clientID from the installation page is recommended.

Run service-start within the bin folder once you've saved the .txt file with your API Key and Client ID.

If all the steps have been completed correctly, a new Pickaxe will be visible on your Pickaxe tab.

Screenshot 2023-08-21 160748Once the new Pickaxe is online and active, you can return to the bin folder and run service-stop to halt the newly installed Pickaxe safely.

Next, go to this file path: dist/private/0/foreman-pickaxe-(someversion)/conf and open the pickaxe.yml file.

Replace the pickaxeId with the Pickaxe ID of the old Pickaxe that is not updating and save the file. To find your Pickaxe ID, go to the Pickaxe tab and look for the card showing your Pickaxe. Copy the number shown after "ID:" and paste it into the pickaxe.yml file.

Finally, run service-start again to bring the new Pickaxe installation back online. If you go to your Pickaxe tab, you'll see that your Pickaxe has been upgraded to the latest version. Pickaxe will now auto-update every time there is a new version released.

Once your original Pickaxe is back online, you can remove the temporary Pickaxe from your Dashboard. First, execute the service-stop command for the empty Pickaxe you wish to delete. Then, head to the Pickaxe tab and locate the gear icon in the top right corner of the tile representing the Pickaxe you want to remove. Click on the gear icon and select the option to delete the Pickaxe.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 084716

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