How to Set Up an Alert for Low Fan Speed

Victor Ho
Victor Ho
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1. To set up fan speed control and receive alerts with Foreman for fan errors, you'll need to access your dashboard and adjust the fan speed settings for your miners on the 'Miners' page.

Make sure you are in Table View.

2. Click 'Bulk Edit Miners'.

3. Select the group of miners or check mark the first box by the Name field to select all miners.

4. Click 'Edit'.

5. Click 'Choose items to edit for selected miners'.

6. Scroll down and select 'Expected Fan Speed Range (Low)'.

7. Switch on 'Toggle Alerting' to enable.

8. Use the slider to adjust the setting to receive an alert for any miners that are showing low fan speed. The exact method can vary depending on the type of miner and its firmware. For example, to set the range to 5000 RPM, adjust the 'Error Less Than' and 'Warn Less than' to meet at 5000 RPM.

This action will send an alert as a fan error and report it to the 'Issues' page.

9. Click 'Apply'.

Additionally, you can go to the 'Alerts & Triggers' page to establish custom triggers based on specific conditions, choosing from notification platforms like Telegram, Slack, Discord, or Google Chat.


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