How Do I Keep My Iceriver Miners Online and Updating?

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Due to an issue with the Iceriver UI, most Iceriver miners added to monitoring software will become inaccessible and require a factory reset if not rebooted periodically. To combat this issue with Foreman's automation capabilities, a nightly trigger can be setup to automatically reboot your Iceriver machines each night to ensure consistent connectivity between Pickaxe and your Iceriver miners.


Setting Up a Nightly Reboot Trigger

On the Alerts & Triggers page in Foreman, add a new trigger that is set to trigger when Any Miners Matching -> Miner Type -> Iceriver trips a Minute of Day Trigger. Next, specify which time of day you'd like the automatic reboots to occur. Finally, choose Reboot as the trigger action and then hit Save to make the trigger active.


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