How Do I Utilize Phase Balancing in Foreman?

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In large-scale facilities, Foreman's phase balancing technique is key to efficiently curtailing operations across different power phases, ensuring a systematic approach during curtailment. This method is crucial for protecting on-site infrastructure, particularly PDUs and transformers, from potential damage due to load imbalances.


Utilizing phase balancing requires you to have PDUs added to Infrastructure prior to adding the Power Phase (Attribute). Phase balancing will work with either smarts PDUs or dumb PDUs, Foreman just needs to know which port is mapped to which Site Map location.


Adding the Power Phase Attribute to Infrastructure

To get started, go to the Infrastructure tab in Foreman and click 'Add Infrastructure.' Under the Type field, select Power Phase (Attribute) and then assign it a name of your choosing - in this example, we called it "Power Phase."

Once you have the Power Phase Attribute added as an Infrastructure item, you can map the phases throughout your facility. Launch the 'Upload Associations' menu, select Power Phase under 'Choose a Type' and then click the 'Download' button to generate a CSV template where you can input your associations.

Using the generated CSV template, enter "Location" in the Association Type column. Next, enter your Group Names into the Association Name column for each Site Map groups that you'll be adding associations to. After that, enter the Location Row and Location Index position of each cell on the site map inside of each group. To finish up, assign a value in the Identifier column to indicate which phase each Site Map is assigned to (typically, 1,2,3).

Save the completed CSV file and then head back to Foreman to upload the file using the 'Upload Associations' button.

Now that you have the associations uploaded, your automatic curtailments will function while observing the phase balancing configuration entered through Infrastructure.

Need some help getting set up with phase balancing? Send an email to and our team would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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