How Do I Use a Service Account to Setup a Pickaxe?

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Creating a Service Account in Foreman allows you to create a read-only account for the purpose of setting up a Pickaxe that is not tied to an individual user's API token. We recommend this setup for all larger miners with multiple employees.

Creating a Service Account

On the Users page of your top-level account, there is a tab that is labeled Service Accounts. Click the Add Service Account button to launch a new window, enter a name for the service account, and then assign it the Admin role.

When you're finished adding details, click 'Add' to save your newly created service account.

Setting Up a Pickaxe Using a Service Account

Navigate to the Site Client that you wish to install a Pickaxe on, and follow the Getting Started download guide for your desired operating system. When it comes time to enter the API Key in the Pickaxe configuration file, click the Actions button on the service account and then click View Token. The API token of the service account will now be displayed, which you can copy and paste into the .txt file for the API Key section if you're installing on Windows. Save the .txt file and then run the service-start as usual to get the Pickaxe online. If you're installing on Linux, the API key will be the last thing in the Linux install command.

You now have a Pickaxe installed that is not directly tied to any one individual user, allowing you greater control over your Foreman instance.

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