How Can I Manage Firmware Updates?

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Foreman streamlines the process of firmware updates, enabling the upload and management of any firmware version from most firmware providers. This functionality ensures devices stay updated with the latest features and security enhancements.


Uploading Firmware

On the Settings page in Foreman, there is a tab labeled 'Firmware' where you can manage the different firmware versions you'd like to make available to your miners. To get started, click the 'Add Firmware' button to launch a new firmware record.

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Enter the Manufacturer and Miner Type the firmware is design for, and then Name the firmware version to identify the release date. Next, click Choose File to launch the File Explorer on your computer. Here you'll select the file for the firmware version that you want to upload. We always recommend getting firmware files directly from the manufacturer of that firmware, as downloading firmware files from unknown sources on the internet can be a security vulnerability. Once you upload your firmware file, click 'Save' to finish the process. You are now able to toggle the firmware visibility on and off with the 'Enabled' toggle, as well as choose if you'd like to make this version of firmware available to your nested sub-clients as well.


Issuing a Remote Firmware Update Command

Now that you have latest firmware version uploaded to Foreman, you're ready to push the firmware update to your miners. Firmware update commands can be sent to individual miners via the Actions button on the Miner record, or in bulk using the bulk edit function. Keep in mind that not all miner manufacturers support remote firmware updates, so you might not see this command option on the drop-down list for certain miners. If you are updating firmware in bulk, make sure that you select only one miner type per batch of firmware updates.

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Clicking the Firmware Upgrade button will launch a new window where you can specify the firmware provider, which will then show a list of all of the firmware versions available to be pushed to the selected miner(s). If you uploaded your own version of firmware, you'll see it as an option on this list. Click 'Apply' when you're ready to issue the firmware upgrade command to your miners. If the command is successful, you'll see the Firmware column on your Miners table update to reflect the new firmware version being run by the miner. If you don't yet have the Firmware column on your Miners table, you can add one using the gear icon on the top right of the table.

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Have any questions about firmware or need some advice on a firmware strategy for your facility? Send an email to and we'd be happy to assist you however we can.

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