Adding a New Inventory Type to your Inventory

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1. Click the "Guy with a Tie" icon in the upper right corner of Foreman. 

2. Click "Settings" within the menu dropdown

Please note - you will need the appropriate permissions to access settings. 


3. Click the "INVENTORY" tab within the settings page.


4. Navigate to the inventory types section and click "Add Type"


5. A new text field will appear, click in the text field to add a new inventory type.


6. Type in the name of the inventory type you are looking to add.


7. Click "Save" - this is located in the lower left corner of the Inventory settings page.



8. To see the new item type you just added navigate to the inventory page.


9. Click "Add Item" on the inventory page


10. Click on the Type section of the Add inventory modal.


11. The newly added Inventory types will display in the drop down.


12. You now have successfully added a miner type in the inventory settings and they are now displayed on the inventory page so you can use them when adding a new inventory part.


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