How to view closed tickets

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1. Navigate to

2. Click on "Tickets"

3. Expand the filter section at the top of the tickets page.

4. Click on the status section.

5. Click "Closed" in the dropdown.

6. Optional + Click the "Start Time" field within the "Last Updated" section to filter tickets by when the ticket was last updated.

7. In the calendar view, select the date the ticket was last updated.

8. In the calendar view select the date you would like to the last updated filtered time frame to end.

9. Optional + You can also filter by the date the ticket(s) creation and end date

10. You will need to select the creation start and end date

11. Once you click "Filter" the tickets will filter by what was specified

12. You can filter by creation date or last updated or both or neither. As long as you have selected the closed ticket status selected, it will filter.

+This same method can used to filter by other ticket status types such as "On Hold" - you can also filter by multiple ticket status types.



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