How to create a custom ticket field

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1. Navigate to


2. Click the "Guy with a Tie" icon.


3. Click "Settings" in the drop down


4. Click the "TICKETS" tab on the settings page


5. Navigate to the Add Field button and Click "Add Field"


6. Click the field to highlight the type of custom field that you would like to use. Select the type in the dropdown. In this example we chose "Choice" as in multiple choice.


7. Click the text field to the right and input the name of your custom field.


8. Click "Add Choice" to begin inputting the choices that can selected. Please note the example shown is if you select the "Choice Type" which allows you to input multiple choices.


9. Click this field.

10. Click "Add Choice" and input the desired text in the field. Repeat this step depending on how many choices that are applicable to the custom field. In this example we inputted "Fan Speed" as the name and inputted multiple numbers in the choice fields. You will repeat clicking "Add Choice" and inputting the name in the text field depending on how many choices you would like to add.


11. Click "Save" located in the lower left corner of the Inventory Settings to save the changes.


12. Go to the Tickets page located in the left side navigation and Click "Tickets"


13. Click "Add Ticket" on the tickets page.


14. At the bottom of the ticket you will see the newly created custom ticket field.



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