How to Add an Individual Asset

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1. On the left side navigation click on "Assets"


2. On the Assets page click on "Add Asset" - The add asset modal will appear.


3. In the Asset ID text field input the number or name that you would like to correspond with the new Asset. 

Typically the Asset ID corresponds withe Serial Number or Asset Tag of the miner that is associated with the asset. Please refer to his article for more info 


4. Click the "Name" field.


5. Type in the name of the new Asset


6. Click on the "Type" field - you can input "Asic Miner", "GPU miner" , "Infrastructure Component" or "Computer" as the asset type.


8. Click in the "Linked Item" field. This is where you can link the new asset to a corresponding Miner. This is done through the serial number of the miner or through a designated tag.

Please refer to this article for additional information on how to set up linking an asset to a miner.



9. Click "-- Enter or Choose A Location --"


10. Click on the name of the location that has already been inputted (Example given is "Boston" or input a new location in the Location field.


11. Click "Save"


Once you have saved the new asset it will appear on the assets page. 

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