How to create a custom Asset Field

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1. Navigate to the dashboard


2. Click the settings icon.


3. Click "Settings" within the dropdown


4. Click on the "INVENTORY" tab on the settings page


5. Navigate to the Asset Fields section on the Inventory Settings page and then Click "Add Field"


6. Click the dropdown.


7. You have the option to add a "Date" , "Date and Time", "Text", "Number" or "Choice" field.

+ The Show on Sub Clients toggle gives you the ability to have the custom field show up within assets for a sub client.


8. Click the name field - in this example we are creating a multiple choice custom field related to the color of the asset.


9. The Name field is what you want to call the custom field - in this example we used "Color of Asset"


10. Click "Add Choice" in the Choices field.


11. Click in the choices text field to input the names of the multiple choice fields. In this example we are using colors.


12. In this example we typed in "Purple" as the first color. 


13. Click "Add Choice" again

14. Click this field to add another multiple choice option to select.

15. In this example we typed "Blue"

16. Click "Add Choice" to type in another multiple choice field.

17. Click this field to input another multiple choice field

18. In this example we typed "Yellow"


19. Click "Save" when you have completed inputting in all the applicable options for the custom field

20. Go to the left side navigation and click on "Assets"

21. On the assets page click "Add Asset" to view the newly created custom field in the Add Asset modal.

22. In the Add asset modal you will see the newly created "Color of Asset" example custom multiple choice field - Click "-- Choose A Value --" to see the multiple choice fields you can select.

23. In this example you will see the different colors that were created for the custom fields.

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