How to link an Asset with a Miner

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1. Foreman has a feature that lets you link assets to a miner, via the use of an Asset ID. This offers considerable flexibility in syncing miners with assets.

There a couple ways you can set up the Asset ID, one is by using the default serial number associated with the Miner. The other is by using a custom miner field. This option caters to the needs of companies that prefer to use their own identification system over the default method of using the miner’s serial number.

  • By default, the system uses the miner's serial number for syncing purposes.


2. To get started you will need to click 'Account Settings'.


3. Click 'Settings' within the dropdown


4. *if you plan on using the miners serial number to link the asset with the miner you can skip to step 8

If you want to create a custom field for linking an Asset with a Miner - Click on the 'Custom Miner Fields' tab in Settings to set up the Custom Miner Field for the miner. This will be the first step in linking the Miner custom tag with the inventory custom tag,

In this example we used "Asset Tag"


5. Click 'Add Field'


6. Enter the custom Tag information. For this exercise you will want to select Text as the type and input a familiar name within the Name text field.

+For this example we went with "Asset Tag"


7. Then click 'Save'.


8. The next step is to Click on the 'Inventory' tab in the settings page.


9. Scroll down to the 'Link On' field.


10. If you select 'Miner Serial' you will be linking your asset with the miner via the miners serial number.


11. If you have chosen the custom field "Asset Id" route for linking the asset with the miner - Select 'Miner Custom Field Name'.


12. Then click the Custom Field Name.


13. Select the custom name that was inputted as part of step 6 when you set up the custom miner field.

"Asset Tag" was the name that was inputted for this example as part of step 6.


14. Don't forget to save your Asset Miner Link settings. The Save button is located at the bottom of the inventory settings page.


15. Now that you have set up the Asset Miner Link and the Custom Miner Fields you will need to go to the 'Miners' page to to set up the Miners link to the Asset.


16. On the Miners page within the miners table, Click 'Actions' on the miner that you are linking to the asset.


17. Click 'Settings'.


18. If you selected 'Miner Serial' from the 'Inventory' tab in Settings, scroll down to the 'Serial' field and enter the serial number.


19. If you selected 'Miner Custom Field Name' from the 'Inventory' tab in the inventory Settings, scroll down to 'Asset Tag' and enter the name and or number associated with the asset tag.

+This 'Asset Tag' will also show up as a column in the Miners Table if you choose to add it.


20. Then click 'Save'.


21. You will now need to connect the asset to the miner on the 'Assets' page.


22. On the assets page click 'Actions' that corresponds with the asset that you are linking with the miner.


23. Click 'Edit'.


24. Within the Edit Asset modal, the Asset ID needs to match the serial number or the "Asset Tag" of the miner the asset is linking with.

  • If the Asset ID does not match the designated linkage type or the name inputted for the Asset ID within the miners settings page, you will get a "Mismatched link" error for the asset on the assets page.

In this example, the Asset ID is linked with the miner by the Asset Tag. The miners asset tag is named "123" so within the Edit Asset modal you will need to enter in "123" in the Asset ID field. If you went with serial number as the linkage type you would input the serial number within the Asset ID text field.

Alert: Alert! You can also set up the linkage between the Asset and the Miner this same way by clicking on the add asset button on the assets page.


25. In the Edit Asset Modal the "Linked Item" needs to match the name of the Miner the asset is linking with.

In this example the name of the Miner is "Phase"


26. Don't forget to save your Asset ID and Linked Item Changes at the bottom of the Edit Assets Modal. Once this info in the Edit Asset Modal is saved your Asset and Minor will be linked.

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