How Does Foreman Calculate Power Consumption?

Victor Ho
Victor Ho
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The calculation of power data per machine is derived either directly from the manufacturer or estimated based on the nameplate hashrate and active hashboards when direct data isn't available.

For example, if there was an issue with the hashrate graph and there was a difference of 10 Ph between the graph and real-time, the power reports may vary. The Power Report (Consumption) uses the method on the nameplate specifications, while the Power Report (Hashrate) adjusts estimates up or down based on actual performance, such as tuning a nameplate hashrate of 96T up if it's hashing at 98T, and down if hashing at 92T.

The power data reported is as accurate as possible, reflecting both the specifications and the actual performance of the mining hardware. All of the information that Foreman aggregates in terms of hashrate, power consumption, and uptime comes directly from values the miners report through their API's. If discrepancies are observed, it's advisable to review the data processing and update intervals for the hashrate graphs.


1. To generate a Power Report (Consumption) and/or Power Report (Hash Rate), click on 'Reports'.


2. Click on 'Ad Hoc Report' for a one time send.

3. Choose to send report to 'Myself'.


4. Select 'Power Report Consumption'.


5. Or 'Power Report (Hash Rate)'.


6. Then click 'Send Now'.


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