Why Would a Whatsminer Unit Run Warm?

Victor Ho
Victor Ho
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Foreman monitors the temperatures of both board and the individual chips on Whatsminer units but Bitmain only reports the board temperatures, which is why they appear hotter than boards.

To accommodate this, users should increase their temperature threshold settings accordingly by adjusting the sliders.

1. Click 'Miners'.

2. Click 'Bulk Edit Miners'.

3. Check the first box to select all or select the miners individually.

4. Click 'Edit' to confirm.

5. Click 'Choose items to edit for selected miners'.

6. Scroll down and click 'Expected Temperature Range'.

7. Adjust the slider.

8. Toggle on to confirm.

9. And then click 'Apply'.

10. To review the miners, go back to the Miner's table.

11. Hover over the Max Temp column to see the range.

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