How to Change Serial Numbers on Multiple Miners

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Through the Bulk Edit function on the Miner's table, you can change the Serial Numbers on more than one miner at once.

1. Click 'Miners'.


2. Click 'Bulk Edit Miner'.


3. Check the first box to select all or select the miners individually.


4. Click 'Edit'.


5. Click 'Choose items to edit for selected miners'.


6. Scroll down and select 'Serials'.


7. Download the template for selected miners. This is a .csv file where you will enter the serial numbers for the miners.


8. The .csv file will look like this.

9. Then click 'Upload CSV'.

10. And find the completed .csv file with the serial numbers to upload.

11. Toggle the switch on to confirm the bulk edit of the miners.

12. And then click 'Apply'.



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