How to use the Run Script Trigger action

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The list of preset remote commands that can be selected in the 'What To Do' section of a Trigger covers the most frequently performed remote actions, but sometimes you need to perform an action that isn't covered by the available commands on the drop-down list. In this scenario, you can expand the scope of what you're able to automate with a Foreman trigger using the Run Script option.

Using Run Script

To get started, set up your Trigger criteria to reflect the condition you want to action in response to. Then, select the 'Run Script' option in the box that says What to Do.

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Finally, paste a file path to a Python script that is saved on the Pickaxe computer. Ideally, this can be set to run each time the Foreman trigger criteria is met. The script could then be used to automate a remote command such as using the 'Resume Mining' command enabled by custom firmware. If you'd like access to our API documentation to see the list of available commands that can be issued to miners, please reach out to and we'd be happy to assist you.

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